Work Worn: A Parody

When The Wall Street Journal style blog “Work Wear” recently featured Simon & Schuster employees, my friend and co-worker, Kevin Myers, a producer at Simon & Schuster, told me he thought it was both fantastic publicity and ripe for parody. I agreed. So we did.


The Backstory
Kevin and I have been trying to collaborate on something for years, but it never worked out before. When he asked me if I’d help him make this parody happen, I quickly grabbed my camera, he started making phone calls, and away we went.

“We kept giggling like 10-year-olds the whole time,” Kevin says. “Every idea got funnier and funnier, but we knew that we didn’t want to be mean, or to mock anyone in the original feature. I hope other people enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.”

Me, too! And big thanks to our fellow S&S employees (Matt, Richard, Trish, Siena, Kelli, Sally, Stuart, Paul and Brant) who were willing to strut their stuff for us. We appreciate it!

Kevin’s extra energy is usually spent doing flying trapeze and volunteering with The Trevor Project . He’s also hard at work on a few upcoming TV and Broadway projects. Pay attention, world, this man is brilliant, and I’m honored to get to laugh with him every day of the work week.



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10 Responses to Work Worn: A Parody

  1. Pintester says:

    GREAT round-up! Thanks for posting!

  2. Totally Rocks the Cat Walk! Me, in scrubs…I always feel like I’m either in my pajamas, or about to have a colonoscopy…not at all like Keira, hahameow!

  3. so freaking brilliant!

  4. Lauren says:

    “Skirt: Borrowed from Keira Knightly” — I cracked up. The best part is that some of these wouldn’t even be out of place in today’s fashion magazines!

    • wtfpinterest says:

      Thanks! We had a blast making it! And it seems more people at work were upset about not being included in our spoof rather than being upset about not being included in the original article. Too funny!

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  6. Taylor says:

    I found you through Allison’s (Wardobe Oxygen) Facebook comments – this has made my afternoon. Totally amazing. “Throw a blazer on top of anything to make it work appropriate.” Sadly I think a lot of people think that is true. Love this!

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