Pinterest: A Dating Site?

The Picture That Started It All

In nearly every article written about Pinterest, you’ll find mention that the site appeals mostly to women. This has been spun both positively and negatively, but one thing holds true…women seem to love Pinterest, and male participation in the site is sorely lacking.

But what if there were a more male-centric use of the site beyond the oft-quoted pinning of pictures of cute dresses, cute desserts and cute animals? What if there were a way for men to use that concentrated estrogen in their favor? A use that had mass man-appeal.  One clever gent is determined to find out.

Let me introduce you to Sean Roberts, who might be the very first guy who has been pinned on Pinterest with the intention of finding him a date.

Yesterday, Sean’s co-worker, Laura Miller, posted his photo on Pinterest along with his voicemail, email and this statement:  Repin my cute coworker!  He is single and ready to mingle.

I though this was hilarious and wanted more information about Sean and his mission, so we had an exclusive and lovely chat. I’ve gathered some data for all you single gals who might be interested in going out with him (or have ever wondered how a single man might view your Pinterest boards), and for all you single guys who are curious to know if Sean’s ploy could possibly work for him, or for yourself.

Sean’s joined Pinterest, and intends to post photos of his first dates (should there be any). He’ll also write a bit about how the date went, and tweet on his Twitter feed.  Says Sean, “I definitely won’t kiss and tell; I don’t do that anyway. And I’m not going to be too opinionated, because I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.”

How old are you, Sean?  27

Where do you live? Washington DC

So, tell me how you ended up on your co-worker’s Pinterest? And has anyone called? I work at a social media/software company, so we’re always on top of new social media. I noticed that all the girls in the office were loving Pinterest, so I said to my co-worker, Laura, I guarantee you that no one ever put their picture up there to try and get a date. So we did it. Initially, we just thought it was funny. After about two hours, when I noticed I had 10 re-pins, I thought, “…that’s kind of interesting”. I haven’t checked my voicemail yet, so I’m not sure if anyone’s called.

Are you going to look at the Pinterest boards of your potential dates to help you determine if you have things in common with that person, and if you might be compatible? I definitely will look at their boards, but I plan on talking to everyone who calls, and meeting with them, if possible. I will give pretty much anyone a chance. I’m pretty open-minded, but aside from some really weird stuff, I can’t think of anything (for now) that would be an automatic turnoff. If anything, I would just ask the person about it.

I definitely think that what someone pins would tell you about them and what their interests are. Also, how often they pin would probably suggest how much time they are in front of a computer or online and stuff like that. In either case, I don’t think that someone should be judged solely from their Pinterest (or any social media site, for that matter).

Would you date a girl who already has a wedding planning board on Pinterest?  Good question. I would have to look at her board.

What about a board full of things for her future children?  That’s a little scary, but I guess I’m not opposed to it…I’d have to seriously think about it…

Do you believe in love at first sight? I haven’t seen it yet, so I wouldn’t be able to answer that.

What do you do for fun?  Play pool, video games, hang out, cook and stuff.

What do you do for work?  I sell software.

What do you think of Google’s Glasses?  It reminds me of Dragon Ball Z.

What’s your politics?  I can go either way depending on the issue, but I tend to go Republican.

What’s the best song you’ve heard lately?  Tarrus Riley doing Front Door on the We Remember Gregory Isaacs CD. I saw Gregory Isaacs live a week before he died.

What makes you cranky?  I don’t get cranky much, but I guess traffic, and lack of sleep.

Describe your mom.  She’s the best.

What’s your perfect 24 hours?   I’d say wake up, go to the beach, swim, then go out and play pool and dance and party.

Are you a good dancer?  No.

Sean is second from left.

What do you think about men who propose in elaborate, public ways?  It’s not my style. I think it’s a private thing, but I guess if that’s what the girl wanted, you’d have to do that.

What’s your favorite food?  Enchiladas.

What’s your  favorite website?  I like Failblog.

How long have you been single?  For two months.

What did you learn from your last relationship?  Choose wisely.

Describe your ideal partner.  Someone who likes to have fun, is nice and wholesome, and smart.

What’s your favorite book?  Siddhartha, by Hermann Hesse.

What’s your best quality?  I’m funny and easy to talk to.

What’s your worst quality?  Sometimes I don’t take things seriously enough.

What do you think about girls picking up the check on a date?  I guess that’s OK, but I’d usually pick it up, or split it, at least.

What’s your idea of a great first date?  Something spontaneous.

Duck face. Do or don’t?  Definite don’t.

What is one quality in a person you absolutely cannot tolerate?  People who are shady.

Girls asking a guy out?  That’s fine.

How do you think dating on Pinterest might compare to regular Internet dating sites?  I’ve never used an online dating site, but I think being able to see people’s interests on Pinterest offers a cool way to learn more about them.

When is it OK to lie?  Hmmm. Maybe a little white lie, but I believe in honesty.

Besides anatomy, give me two major differences between men and women. 1) I think girls text too much.  2) Boys have messy rooms; girls have messy cars.

Piercings? Tattoos? Rainbow-colored hair? All popular Pinterest attributes.  That would depend. Maybe a tattoo would be OK…

What do you hope to get out of this experience?  It would be cool to have someone call me to go out. I didn’t do this in a serious way at first, I just did it for fun; but I am totally ready to go out on a date!

And you’ll pick up the check?  That depends on where we’re going!

Thanks, Sean!

Sean is on the right. 

So there you have it. Is this the future of Pinterest?  Sean thinks it’s a sure way to, at the very least, get more men into the mix.  What do you think?

I would love to read your thoughts/comments on this topic. If you do contact Sean and care to share your experience, I’d love to hear about it.  If there is anyone else, male or female, utilizing Pinterest in this fashion, please let me know.

I’ll be posting a  follow-up interview with Sean in a few weeks.  In the meantime, please feel free to share this post!

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7 Responses to Pinterest: A Dating Site?

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  2. The Artist formerly know as Jesus says:

    In the name of the son the father and the holy ghost, Sean brings the most with gifts of bags from coach.
    You find you’re feeling down with a frown and Sean picks you up with a brown coupe and a crown for his queen or princess
    Perhaps you can call it interest as he rolls the red carpet to the foot of your front door but won’t step inside because a gentleman never pries
    16 Bars to beg a try with the lady that made the choice to reply and grew to go for the guy named Sean Robert…….as he trend sets on the fly.

    Good Luck Sean because you don’t need it!!

  3. Nick says:

    I think you need to add the picture of yourself drinking with the parrot.

  4. Jordan says:

    Sean is a genuine guy. Smart, honest, and a great friend. We have known each other since 1st grade. Ladies, step up up to the plate. Tired of d-bags, then he’s the guy for you.

  5. Anonyvox says:

    I like the scruffy beard look. And is that Sean’s real car? Because that’s pimpin’, man.

    Dating via Pinterest? Why the heck not? Lord knows we’ve all done stranger things to get a date. I hope he has good luck and enjoys the experience.

  6. Mary Alice Roberts says:

    You girls are missing the boat if you don’t hop on this! You are in for a fun and fabulous time meeting Sean! As his mother I know what a great guy he is!

    Sean’s Mom

  7. Taylor says:

    Sean Roberts aka the Birdman, aka Uncle Frank, aka Skinnerrrr.. is a trill OG. Just shy of a genius, he’s often bored with life’s typical routines so may find himself pushing the envelope some. Hook this man up, a fun gal will surely enjoy her date with him.

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