How To Be A Fashion Blogger, #7: Buy into the belief that very long pants make your legs look “a mile long”.

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So, last weekend I wore a pair of really long jeans, not because I kind of like the look, but mainly because I was too lazy to hem them and figured I could get away with wearing them at least once (and, besides, nothing else was clean).

Having now experimented with this style of pants, I have a few questions.

How do you gals wear pants this long without: a) tripping all over yourselves, and b) getting the bottom of them filthy with street gunk.

Often, when someone posts (or pins) this style, the commentary runs along the lines of how the model’s legs look ‘a mile long’.  I disagree. I think pants that touch the ground make the model look as if she doesn’t possess feet and is trying to hide that sad fact; sort of like how I try to hide the ugly nummular eczema on my shins by wearing boots all the time. In both instances, we are fooling no one.

Alternatively, perhaps you are hiding Crocs under there.

I still sort of like this look, but I’ve come to the conclusion that y’all don’t really wear these out and about. I suspect that, as with many of your cute outfits (particularly ones with ridiculously strappy/skinny heels of the type designed by a sadistic foot fetishist), you put these long pants on, snap a few photos, and go change into a pair of pants with a proper hem.  Come on, admit it…

pinned to Style File by Sabrina Shim, curated from Le Fashion

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7 Responses to How To Be A Fashion Blogger, #7: Buy into the belief that very long pants make your legs look “a mile long”.

  1. Kaz says:

    It’s a look from the 70s, when wedge heels and boots were also in, however, then the trousers/pants weren’t that long. They just swept to the end of your shoes, without actually sweeping the floor.

    This look is ridiculous, especially on shorter women as they look like their wearing their mother’s clothes.

  2. RHi says:

    Lol! I wear my pants like that! Because I am short and usually buy regular. My mom hates it! I just dont care that my pants are too long. I guess I am ahead of the trend! 😉

  3. I agree that it looks like you have no feet, which is just weird. I sometimes will buy jeans that are too long and just decide that I can only wear them w/big-ass platforms (cause I’m too lazy and too cheap to get them hemmed). I prefer a bit of a drag on the back, and don’t mind some dirt & some ripping, but I’m a hippie-at-heart, so that explains it.

    • wtfpinterest says:

      Agreed…I wear some of my jeans ‘too’ long and shredded on the bottom, as well – it’s definitely a ‘look’ that can work in that regard…but for trousers and trouser jeans, and particularly that pair from Cupcakes and Cashmere…yikes…

  4. Alison says:

    You crack me up. I was thinking the same thing with these pictures. How grody the hems must be after only an hour of wear, from the photo shoot alone!

    • wtfpinterest says:

      My jeans were DISGUSTING on the hems when I got home – I took them off in the foyer to avoid dragging god-knows-what into my apartment! Blech!

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