Bored? Why don’t you…

…make a mirror frame out of plastic spoons in perfectly shaded hues of blue?pinned to Crafts by Louise King, curated from Addicted To Decorating

…intricately braid your hair?pinned to Hairstyles by Angela Rachelle, original source unknown, if this is your creation, please let me know.

…brush malt balls with gold dust and stick them onto a cake?pinned to Party In My Tummy by Savannah Henderson, curated from Urbane Fruits

…get urine stains out of your mattress? pinned to Products I Love by Jennifer Smith, curated from Inspired Housewife

 …make a cookie that looks like a pile of vomit?pinned to Mmmmm Food! by Kari Burghardt, curated from The Fitnessesta

…pin 320 deflated balloons (or unused condoms) to a wreath?pinned to Six Sisters’ Stuff by Kristin Corbin, curated from Six Sisters’ Stuff 

…take all those extra windows you have lying about and make a greenhouse?pinned to want by Michele McCullen Bowns, curated from Junk Market Style

…combine two trends and yarn bomb a mustache?pinned to Yarn Bombing by Kristie Carr, curated from Unfinished Sewing Projects 

…repurpose your Crocs?pinned to Plants etc. by Frothy Cappuccino, curated from Recylart 

…paint a cookie?pinned to feed. by Jamie Gentry, curated from Lulu’s Sweet Secrets

…glue rhinestones on your Starbucks cup?pinned to Love It! by Jenn Vest, curated from Primo Deco 

…steal all the paint chips from your local hardware store, embellish, and gift them to others as bookmarks?pinned to Craft-Paper by Laurel McAra, curated from Lu Bird Baby

…make a hat out of your empty beer cans?pinned to things to make and do by Libby Kay Huber, curated from Ultra Trixie on Etsy

…turn your bra into a purse?pinned to Feminine Fun by Cindy Johnson, curated from The Autocrat

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  1. Anonyvox says:

    I think I’ll try waffle iron brownies first, but thanks for the back-up ideas in case the waffle iron isn’t working!

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