Things you wish you had.

This bedroom.

pinned to For the love of all things magical… by Maggie Burke, curated from The Meta Picture (original source unknown)

This Jenga.

pinned to Dream House by Carly Anderson, curated from Emmaline Bride (origin unknown, if it’s your image, please let me know!)

This hair.

pinned to Beauy and Style. by Toby Hawley, curated from Maskcara

This cake.

pinned to Nom Nom Nom ~ Recipes by Tash Bing, curated from Sophistimom

This bookshelf door.

bookshelf doorpinned to For the Home by krista spears, curated from Simply Seleta

This wedding barn.

pinned to When the Sisters Get Married by Anna Pousche, curated from Squidoo

The joy of this sheep.

pinned to Lola’s by Gabriela Lomba , curated from Méchant Design, (I have searched in vain for the photographer of this image to credit them for this awesome shot – if you know, please share!)

This body.

pinned to Very Beautiful by Mattien Oddle, (source unknown, if you know who this is or who took the shot, please share!)

This puppy.

 pinned to Future Puppy by Jenny Ross, origin unknown – if this is your photo, please let me know!

These bananas.

pinned to *Kids & Babies* by Emily Doty, curated from andrewc on Flickr

The second mom.

pinned to stuff by Debbie H, source unknown, if you created this, please let me know.

This flexibility.

pinned to Fitness Perfection by Pablo Andrés Gerbasi Sucre, curated from The Chive (couldn’t track down source – if it’s yours, let me know.)

This confidence.

pinned to Daily Affirmations by Liz Kiebler, curated from and created by dmchatster

This wine cellar.

pinned to Home by Karli Perry, curated from The Kitchn

These balloons.

Balloon breakfastpinned to Ideas by Annie Kleynerman, curated from David Sykes Photography

This hammock.

Beach hammockpinned to THE BEST by O KOREA, curated from Twisted Sifter (source unknown)

This Grandma.

pinned to I smiled A LOT by Amy Profitt, curated from and created by BooYa

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5 Responses to Things you wish you had.

  1. Courtney says:

    I would probably drown if I had the room.
    I would probably kill myself if I had the Jenga set.
    I would have that hair, if my hair was black and I owned a curling iron.
    That cake: Yes
    That door: YES
    I would probably spend the whole night shrieking over bugs if i had my wedding there, but it is a pretty barn 🙂
    The joy of that sheep: yes
    That body: no
    That puppy: no… Ok yes… no…. yes… but I’m afraid of dogs… but it IS adorable
    The bananas: no
    The mom… Wait. There are moms that DON’T turn off the beaters first?!?
    That flexibility: no
    That confidence: Check… ok half check
    That wine cellar: perhaps if it was a coffee cellar
    Those balloons: YES.
    That hammock: YES.
    That grandma: …eh There are funnier grandmas

  2. Anonyvox says:

    I am pretty sure that bedroom would reek of chlorine 100% of the time, and I guarantee you there will be a spike in the number of concussions seen in emergency rooms due to that huge Jenga set. Red velvet cake tastes like food coloring, and my family used to have a barn/root cellar that looked EXACTLY like the one in that picture.

    I am a curmudgeon this morning. *waves at you with my phalanges*

    • wtfpinterest says:

      You and your phalanges are hilarious! This list is not things I personally wish I had – they are each super-duper popular pins on Pinterest, so many people must be wishing THEY did. I wouldn’t touch red velvet cake, I think it’s disgusting on every level. From one curmudgeon to another, have a good day 🙂

  3. Honey says:

    Not sure if it’s the same one, but Shing Khor recently made a giant Jenga set:

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