Pinterest Parable #4: And I saw Elvis at 7-11.

Have you seen this one on Pinterest yet?

It’s a long-winded religious/philosophical discussion between a student and a professor. If you have nothing better to do with your time and read through to the end, you might be scratching your head and asking yourself, “Hmmmm…did Albert Einstein really say this? And who documented this conversation with its pin-drop silences and uproar? And why is the word god in all caps every time?  And do you think the humans in the dinosaur diorama at the Creationist Museum ate brontosaurus burgers?”

Well, actually, if you were most pinners, you wouldn’t be asking yourself anything.  You’d just re-pin it and move on….which is why this has been re-pinned innumerable times and now thousands of people think Einstein said and believed this, even though a simple Google search will lead  you to a Snopes article disproving it.  But people don’t care about the truth. They just want to believe.

pinned to My Funnies… :p XD by Kelly Munn, disproved by Snopes

The moral of the story?


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One Response to Pinterest Parable #4: And I saw Elvis at 7-11.

  1. Ginamonster says:

    heh. the creationist museum is in my hometown. I love when it gets a mention. and yes, it’s as full of fuckery as you think it is.

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