6 Responses to Audrey was determined to have her cake (and her pie, and her other cake, and her other pie, and another cake, and one more pie), and eat it, too.

  1. Jena says:

    You can in fact get this whole or by the slice at the flying monkey at reading terminal market in philadelphia. It is called a pumpple cake.

  2. Shauna says:

    I’ve made the apple portion of this and it tasted like a Hostes Bakes Apple Pie. So, yeah, delicious. I also just started a Pinterest review page on Facebook called Pinsters. Your site is hilar so I’ll be sure t give you a shout out.

    • wtfpinterest says:

      Mmmmm…pie! Thanks so much, Shauna! Looking forward to checking out Pinsters and following you, as well. Have you read the other Pinterest spoof sites listed in my Blogroll? We’re a funny lot :)

  3. wtfpinterest says:

    Ha ha ha, my reaction exactly!

  4. PinTheTailest says:

    omg…I just threw up in my mouth, and then got hungry. so funny!

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