That’s kisser, Mister, not pisser!

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So, a restaurant in Sydney is removing these very same urinals from their men’s room amidst outrage that they are misogynistic, despite the fact they were created by a female artist.

I’m a strong female and although I don’t use the word “feminist”, I’m nobody’s bitch, and I don’t find these urinals insulting or demeaning. I find them fucking hilarious.  But to each her own.

Would I want my kid to pee in this urinal?  No, but they were installed in a sassy “bar and dining destination” where you shouldn’t be taking your kid anyway, and that issue would be much better debated over at STFU, Parents.

Would I let someone pee in my mouth?  No, I would not, but I don’t feel degraded by these concepts, and it’s impossible for me to make the leap from a man peeing in a wide-open cartoon urinal mouth to believing that man is belittling a women; nor do I think the vast majority are standing there getting a hard-on at the idea of urinating in their lover’s face hole. I’ve been told that, although rare, it is possible to pee with an erection, which I took at face value since water sports are not my thing and I did not bear witness.

Don’t judge.

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Anyway, so yeah, if the line at the women’s room were too long, I’d totally squat over that thing and pee.

Wouldn’t you?

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6 Responses to That’s kisser, Mister, not pisser!

  1. I consider myself a feminist (just use the word, and let everyone make wild assumptions about you, already 😉 ), and yet, I don’t find these demeaning. Different people who label themselves “feminists” find different things offensive or not. (Obviously.) What I want to know is if the urinals looked like this, what did the toilets look like?

  2. KazaD says:

    See, what I don’t understand – why assume it’s a female mouth in the first place? I just saw a genderless mouth.

    I think it’s funny.

  3. Erin says:

    Women can be misogynistic too, and as someone who isn’t afraid to label herself a feminist, yes, I do find this demeaning to women.

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