Insert sausage or meatball joke here.

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As this dude proves, if you’ve got a cardboard box, you’ve (almost) got a Halloween costume. Anyone else want to peek in the box? Kind of reminds me of this.

Anyway, I put together a list of 34 Halloween Costumes Made From A Cardboard Box, though I don’t recommend that pizza one above unless you’re feeling particularly saucy (groan).

Other finds:

You have to read the first comment on the pin below (click it) – I can’t stop giggling!

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And how fantastic are these?  Very!

pinned to Misc. by Sarah Pasley (and made by her, too!)

Is this not the saddest child in a Halloween costume ever?  Anyone know who he is…I want to hug him!

pinned to Handmaid costumes (unfortunately, you will not find even one Handmaiden costume on the board) by Heather Reynolds, source unknown – if this is your picture or your child, please let me know!

Want more cardboard box ideas? Go here.

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3 Responses to Insert sausage or meatball joke here.

  1. Diana Y says:

    I’m pretty sure the pizza “costume” was inspired by the porno “Big Sausage Pizza”
    ….don’t ask how I know that.

  2. KazaD says:

    That poor kid is probably sad because he’s realized he can’t participate in any of the Halloween games in that costume.

  3. RHi says:

    The “ages 3+” on the Barbie and Ken costume is kind of disturbing to me.

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