Name That Sperm!

Remember Beaver Babies, the vagina that turned inside-out to become an adorable baby?

Remember all the chatter lately about toys being gender-specific due to their color or the way they are advertised and yada yada yada now the Easy-Bake Oven is getting a make-over?

Yeah, well, having absolutely nothing to do with that, because we all know that vaginas and penises are suitable for either gender to play with, Kim of One Classy Motha has now added to her educational line of stuffed toys and created this delightful sperm doll.  Just like a real sperm, this cute lil’ fella emerges from a penis. A little bit of manipulation and voila…out it comes, happy as a clam!


Do you have a good name for this little swimmer?  If so, be sure to leave a comment on Kim’s site and let her know!

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