5 Responses to Drama over cookie dough. Just a typical day on Pinterest.

  1. Caitlin Vanasse says:

    The comments on this are so lacking in knowledge of food safety that I want to hit something. *sigh* Pinterest…

  2. Stacey says:

    Bwahahaha!!! Gotta wonder how we all survived our our childhoods, what with all the raw cookie dough binges things like actually going outside to play.

    Now I’m off to find this recipe…AND I’m gonna let my kid pig out on it too…take THAT, cookie dough police!!

    • wtfpinterest says:

      So true! My mom would send us out to play and tell us to come back when it was dark. God forbid a parent did that now!

  3. Anonyvox says:

    Man, I NEVER get comment threads like this on my pins. I need to ramp up the controversy.

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