I Am ShiShi. I Am A Model.

Have you met ShiShi?  An intimate look at the life and times of ShiShi…Model, Designer, Fashion Blogger, Beacon and Visionary.

Here I am with my hair unkempt, my shirt unironed, and wearing my boyfriend’s sweats. I’m a model, and if I act beautiful, I AM beautiful. So I threw on a vintage lucite bracelet, a leather jacket, and an attitude. Suddenly, I was chic as fuck. Love, ShiShi

I am ShiShi. I am a model.curated from Raspberry Rouge

When my booker called about doing an editorial on tea bagging I was highly insulted…I don’t do porn, or pseudo-Republicans. Turns out it was a misunderstanding. Love, ShiShi

I Am ShiShi. Tea.curated from My Modern Met

Here I am modeling my first world problem. Love, ShiShi

firstworldproblemcurated from MoodyTwin

When I left the house this day I had a feeling I had forgotten something important. Later, I realized it was my pants. Love, ShiShi

nopantscurated from Stockholm Street Style

Bras are a weapon of the patriarchal society. I do not support the patriarchal society. Or my breasts. Love, ShiShi

shishiswimsuitcurated from Model Mayham

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