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What to do with your chewed gum? Pinterest has the answer.

For the Pantone fan:

pantonegumcurated from and created by Simon wald-Lasowski

For the lover of typography:

Monsieur Voyage gum typographycurated from and created by Monsieur Voyage

Art made with ABC (Already-Been-Chewed) gum:

Ben Wilson's Gum Artcurated from The Telegraph, created by Ben Wilson, more images here

More ABC gum art:

Gum Art Nick van Woertcurated from Nick van Woert

And art made with unchewed gum:

gumsculpturecurated from Environmental Graffiti, artist is Maurizio Savini

How to look like you have gum stuck in your hair:

fakegumhaircurated from Inedible Jewelry
Bubble Gum Hair Pin
curated from Inedible Jewelry

And how to get gum unstuck from your hair:

gumhaircurated from Vivien…Interrupted

Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market Gum Wall:

Seattle's Gum WallImage taken and pinned by Kathleen Rath; more info here; lots more images here

If you can’t get there in person, try these magnets:

Chewed Gum Magnetcurated from mzube

Liquid-filled camel ball gum pisses off mom:

Camel Ballsuploaded by Ella, back story here

If you want to look like you stepped in gum:

showgumcurated from Stylist, you can purchase these shoes for $2,240 here

If you want to remove gum stuck to your shoe:

How to remove gum stuck to your shoecurated from LifeHacker

What to do with all those empty gum wrappers:

Ollin Gum Wrapper Bag

curated from Ollin, where you can purchase this gum wrapper bag for $159

And if you prefer your gum covered in gold:

Gerd Rogthmann Gold Gumcurated from Kristy Hsu, created by Gerd Rothmann

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Today on Pinterest, a debate on whether or not bugs are artists. As Sweet Brown would say, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Caddisfly Larvae Artpinned to Amazing , curated from Cabinet Magazine, submitted by Alicia.
Thanks, Alicia!

Call it what you will; I call it absolutely brilliant!  Yay, nature!  This was created by Hubert Duprat and some wickedly fascinating Caddisfly larvae just doing their thing. You can watch Duprat discussing his process here (about 2:30 in).

And here is a video of what the Caddisfly larvae build when they aren’t a part of Duprat’s “situation” (his word, not mine).


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