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10 public pins that should have been pinned to Pinterest’s new Secret Boards. Kind of makes me miss barn weddings and Ryan Gosling memes.

The pinner says: “i froze menstrual blood into an icecube, melted it in a cold bath then drained the water.” Pinned to photography etc, curated from Snaggle Tooth

Oh, shut the hell up. Pinned to Erotic, curated from observando, source uknown

File under, “Things that should not be photographed”. Pinned to Chronic Sinusitis, curated from MedicineNet

What time is it? Time to cut your toenails. Pinned to I can make this!original source unknown.

Do you think the person who ate from the bowl section had a shit-eating grin on their face? Pinned to All another cakes, curated from Creative Cakes By Pam

Red is definitely not her color. Pinned to horrorshow! , curated from pulse stock

For anyone afraid of clowns, this is nightmare-inducing. Pinned to Funnies, curated from Funny Junk

The Pinner says: “The amazing stand up turd from san Francisco’s tenderloin. No Photoshop or molding here folks, just pure amazing human shit!! Nasty like Janet, Jackson that is.”
Pinned to george walters, curated from tumblr, source unknown

But where are her fuzzy slippers? Pinned to Story Prompts, curated from Daily Fun Dose

Why is this pinned? Why? Why? Why? Pinned to Foot Pain visuals, curated from Our Health Network

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