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What to do with your chewed gum? Pinterest has the answer.

For the Pantone fan:

pantonegumcurated from and created by Simon wald-Lasowski

For the lover of typography:

Monsieur Voyage gum typographycurated from and created by Monsieur Voyage

Art made with ABC (Already-Been-Chewed) gum:

Ben Wilson's Gum Artcurated from The Telegraph, created by Ben Wilson, more images here

More ABC gum art:

Gum Art Nick van Woertcurated from Nick van Woert

And art made with unchewed gum:

gumsculpturecurated from Environmental Graffiti, artist is Maurizio Savini

How to look like you have gum stuck in your hair:

fakegumhaircurated from Inedible Jewelry
Bubble Gum Hair Pin
curated from Inedible Jewelry

And how to get gum unstuck from your hair:

gumhaircurated from Vivien…Interrupted

Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market Gum Wall:

Seattle's Gum WallImage taken and pinned by Kathleen Rath; more info here; lots more images here

If you can’t get there in person, try these magnets:

Chewed Gum Magnetcurated from mzube

Liquid-filled camel ball gum pisses off mom:

Camel Ballsuploaded by Ella, back story here

If you want to look like you stepped in gum:

showgumcurated from Stylist, you can purchase these shoes for $2,240 here

If you want to remove gum stuck to your shoe:

How to remove gum stuck to your shoecurated from LifeHacker

What to do with all those empty gum wrappers:

Ollin Gum Wrapper Bag

curated from Ollin, where you can purchase this gum wrapper bag for $159

And if you prefer your gum covered in gold:

Gerd Rogthmann Gold Gumcurated from Kristy Hsu, created by Gerd Rothmann

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Long time, no see.

mustacheMustaches, please go away. (image via StylishBoard)

I’ve been off of Pinterest and this site due to illness and relocating. Thanks for all your emails checking in with how I was doing. I appreciate you!

I was hoping that Pinterest would have something new to show me. However, a quick flip through the Popular section sadly proved those damned mustaches are still in vogue.


Wrapping your legs around your man in your cowboy boots and wedding dress is still a thing. Unfortunately.

Leg wrap engagementcurated from/photographed by Jamie Delaine

Many of you (like the pinner of the image above) are still not linking to the original source of the images you pin. Pinners, it’s so easy – if you don’t know the original source, do a little research and try to find it. Don’t post something linking back to a random Tumblr blog who was as lazy as you are about crediting the proper source. Bad pinner, no biscuit!

Messy buns, ombre hair, and sock buns are still popular. So are messy ombre sock buns. Unfortunately.

Painting mason jars is still a thing.

masonjarscurated from SimplyCiani

So is putting them on your wedding invitations, turning them into a soap dispenser, making them into goblets, and baking stuff in them. Face it, folks, they are never going away.

Neither are peplums, which are now a wedding trend.

peplum wedding dresscurated from Jenny Lee Bridal

You’re still pinning “thinspiration”, but now Pinterest is trying to help you deal with your shit, as this message pops up along with your thinspiration pins.


In another effort to ‘help’ you, Pinterest is removing many pins that contain nudity. This pin of an Oreo cookie ad that I pinned in April of 2012 was recently removed for nudity, which Pinterest says it doesn’t allow on the site.

Got Oreo Ad

Yes, I can see how a picture of a breastfeeding baby is far more offensive than people in their CK underwear, or this American Apparel ad. Way to go, Pinterest Nudity Police.

americanapparelcurated from American Apparel

I wonder if this sort of twisted logic contributes to half of moms on Pinterest saying it stresses them out.

And fashion bloggers are still standing pigeon-toed.

Pigeon-Toed Fashion Bloggercurated from DevonRachel

Oh Pinterest, don’t ever change!

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Still stumped on what to get your Valentine? I’ve got you covered.

(Click here for our Valentine’s Day Fail board from last year.)

For the hopeful:

pinned to 2D, curated from Lazy Oaf

For the lingerie lover:

candybrapinned to The Reading Nook, curated from She Finds (and check out their own WTF Valentine’s list)

For the retro-ephemera lover:

falsepinned to what the inside of my head looks like, curated from Retronaut

For the bacon-loving princess:

bacon tiarapinned to Foodstuffs and Deliciousness, curated from The Anti-Craft

For the hirsute:

hairheartpinned to Random Stuff Tht Rules, curated from Babble (check out their entire list of bad gifts for your baby mama)

For the chocolate lover:

 weirdchocolatepinned to Weird Foods, curated from Ripley’s (check out their whole list of bizarre molded chocolates!)

For the tighty-whitey connoisseur:

hellokittypinned to Music, have fun, sports, art, class., curated from UBaina (quite a few skivvies to see at that link – NSFW, depending on where you work)

For the artist:

Cunt Coloring Bookpinned to Books Worth Reading, curated from Body Confidential

For the technology lover:

vibeapppinned to WTF iPhone Apps, curated from App Safari (Yes, this is a remote vibrator app called “Closer ToGetHer”)

For back door fans:

buttpinned to Fun, curated from Piccsy

For the crafty:

heartembroiderypinned to embroidery, curated from the hilarious Super Velma (be sure to check out her shop)

For those who like to cook:

hearteggpinned to Loco Moco, curated from Love! It’s what’s for dinner.

And those who don’t:

hotdogheartpinned to food, curated from Preschool Alphabet

For the lonely:

lonelypinned to Laughter, curated from Paramount Zone

For your knight in shining armor:

knightpinned to Crafts/Crocheted, curated from Hattie Hooker (her etsy shop is currently on vacation, and there is a five-month wait for this hat due to its overwhelming popularity, but you can sign up to be notified when she returns)

For the bitter:

bittersweetspinned to Cool stuff i wish I’d thought of first, curated from BitterSweets

For the pop-culture lover:

yeahbitchpinned to “You Brought A Meth Lab to the Airport??”, created by Beth Evans (do check out Beth’s awesome series of Valentine’s day cards)

And last but definitely not least, the most offensive, atrocious Valentine that has ever existed. What a world. Geez…

P.S. What does your guy really want for Valentine’s Day?  Sex.  Now, isn’t that easier than making 52 playing cards (one of the most popular pins on Pinterest)? You’re welcome!


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