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For shame.

My Little Pink Pig. Piggy is a red and white Sphynx. No, he is not cold.

Just in case you are too busy on Pinterest to venture elsewhere on the Web and you haven’t seen these funny “shaming” sites, check them out!

Cat Shaming (website here).

Dog Shaming (website here).

Parent Shaming (website here).

T-Rex Shaming

Ugly Renaissance Baby Shaming

Pinterest Shaming (here, here and here).

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Insert sausage or meatball joke here.

pinned to Costumes by Nanette Albarillo, curated from City Pages 

As this dude proves, if you’ve got a cardboard box, you’ve (almost) got a Halloween costume. Anyone else want to peek in the box? Kind of reminds me of this.

Anyway, I put together a list of 34 Halloween Costumes Made From A Cardboard Box, though I don’t recommend that pizza one above unless you’re feeling particularly saucy (groan).

Other finds:

You have to read the first comment on the pin below (click it) – I can’t stop giggling!

pinned to halloween by Julina Jex, curated from Coolest Homemade Costumes

And how fantastic are these?  Very!

pinned to Misc. by Sarah Pasley (and made by her, too!)

Is this not the saddest child in a Halloween costume ever?  Anyone know who he is…I want to hug him!

pinned to Handmaid costumes (unfortunately, you will not find even one Handmaiden costume on the board) by Heather Reynolds, source unknown – if this is your picture or your child, please let me know!

Want more cardboard box ideas? Go here.

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Perfect with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

pinned to Creeptastic by Stephanie Muller, curated from Instructables

pinned to Fooood by Silver Coles, curated from Neatorama

pinned to HOLIDAY by Jess Draws, curated from Instructables

Above are but three of the fantastically creepy edible finds that inspired me to put together a list of 31 Ghoulish Treats For Your Halloween Feast.

From dirty Q-tips to vomit to bloody band-aids or tampons, to something that sort of looks like you didn’t digest your corn niblets, you’ll probably find something here that wish you could unsee.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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