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It’s Autumn! Time to stick your baby in a pumpkin!

pinned to Fall Beauty by Quinn, origin unknown – if you took this, please let me know!

As I was scrolling through hundreds of similar images on Pinterest, hardly any attributed to their original source, I decided to put together 25 of my favorites in one place with proper credit.

So here you go…25 Babies In Pumpkins.

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Halloween is a comin’ and Pinterest is full of boatloads of fabulous costume ideas. This one is quite popular and is being re-pinned with this caption, “Add a tutu to any boys halloween outfit and it instantly becomes a girls!” Because, you know, if it doesn’t contain yards of magic gender-identifying tulle, it’s not an appropriate Halloween costume for a girl. So remember, people, when it comes to dressing up your daughters for Halloween, be sure you “Stick a tutu on it!”

pinned to Future Offspring by Lacey Chaney, curated from Jen Reeves Designs on Etsy

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