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Let’s play a game. Take a good long look at this pin. I’ll wait a few moments to let you soak it all in…

pinned to Birth Junkie by BrookLyn Turner, curated from Woman In Bloom, submitted by Anonymous

Now…tell me what you saw.

If you didn’t see a vagina/vulva with a baby’s head about to poke through, you’re wrong.

Well, “babies”, plural, if the description of this necklace by its creator is accurate. So, I guess this is the crowning of the first head of however many babies are up in there, up in there.

It’s called the “Crowning Glory” necklace….but don’t worry, no molds of a real mom and her baby/ies were used to create this one-of-a-kind piece. Whew, thank goodness for small miracles.

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