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The latest pins to my “Things That Are Not Penises” and “Things That Are Not Vaginas” boards.

boobpillowpinned to my Things That Are Not Penises board, curated from Solutions

I am guessing there is some legitimate reason, perhaps medical or surgical, that one might need this product, because it is sold out and highly-rated. I feel very blessed to have small boobs that don’t touch at night and to be able to be ignorant about the need for this unfortunately-molded product that looks like a still shot from a titty-fucking porno.

As I mentioned, I also have a Things That Are Not Vaginas board, because that’s just the kind of gal I am.

The other day on Twitter, The Pintester alerted me to this fabulous thing which actually IS a vagina but is way too awesome not to share.  It was created by the brilliant Kim of One Classy Motha! and was originally called a VaginaBaby, but has been renamed a BeaverBaby, a Vagucational tool, which I think has a great ring to it.  Yes, it turns inside out – from vagina to baby! And she’s giving away a free BeaverBaby to one lucky reader of her blog, so be sure to check out her site and enter!


Have you seen anything that should be added to my Not A Penis or Not A Vagina boards?  Send them along!  Contact info at the top of the page!


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