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Fake Friday: I can haz teeny, tiny, sugary-sweet, snuggly-wuggly, finger kitten? No, you cannot.

tinykittenpinned to random stuff i don’t know where to put, curated from Forum, original source unknown

You are all pinning and re-pinning this supposedly “Smallest Cat In The World” and probably thinking or wishing it were real; just like I wish this petite lap giraffe were real.

I’m sorry…this kitten is fake. Admit it, you suspected the truth, didn’t you?

This is the real Guinness Book of World Records’ smallest cat, Mr. Peebles. He’s cute, too, right?

MrPeeblespinned to Oh for goodness sake.

Ok, I admit that he’s not quite as sickeningly cute as the Photoshopped finger kitten. I guess this disproves the dictum that bigger is better.

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