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2012: A look back.

One of our more-popular posts of 2012…pinned over 30,000 times. Thanks so much!

Please excuse my recent absence as I have been battling a seemingly never-ending virus. That said, I couldn’t let the year end without posting one more time, so here is a recap of the more notable/infamous/popular happenings here at WTF Pinterest this year. Click the images to go to the original posts.

The Pinterest interface is still undergoing repair, but through other analytic tools I know that over 20,000 (Updated November 2013 – now pinned over 57,000 times) of you re-pinned the following pin. That popularity leads me to believe there are a lot of young women out there needing an intervention; and the popularity of the pin just below it further proves my theory. Come on, girls! Wise up in 2013! (See the rest of our Words of Wisdom series here).



The following pin is notable because it got me kicked out of continuing to earn Google AdSense revenue (and it was repinned about 5,000 times so, obviously, I’m not the only one who read that book and thought, “What the fuck?”).  I am not complaining…I knew Google’s rules, and they did give me the option to remove the post in order to keep Google Ads running, but I declined – I can’t be censored for ad dollars, thank you very much.


I admit there were numerous other violations on my site that got me kicked out of Google’s ad program. For instance:


I just love Willie Nelson, don’t you? I bet neither of us love him as much as this person does.

Willie Nelson Vagina Tattoo

And get a load of this shit…




My use of the word “vagina” was deemed “not in compliance” and, considering other supposedly offensive uses of the word VAGINA this year, that isn’t at all surprising. Speaking of the holiest of holies, have you seen my Things That Are Not Vaginas board, and its counterpart, the Things That Are Not Penises board?

And who could forget that delicious treat, the Old Naggy Vagina?

This still makes me laugh.


This was the post that garnered me the most hate-mail. I captioned it: Conservative abortion propaganda meets DIY.


This post was a close second in the hate-mail department. I captioned it, “No, Tommy, no! That’s the third puppy you shot this week! Aim for the ducks, like daddy showed you…the DUCKS!”


Pinterest rolled out private boards this year but it was too late because this pin was (and all of these pins were) already public. Just in case you were wondering, that’s menstrual blood.


This year Pinterest also gave Pinners the option of deleting or reporting comments they found offensive or annoying on their pins.  I’m surprised more people don’t take advantage of this feature since pretty much anything can cause strife on Pinterest. Did you see the these ridiculous dramas? (Click image to go to original post.)



And we can’t forget those super-popular pins that are shared tens of thousands of times but are mis-captioned or misinterpreted:

As I said in the original post, this pin is all over Pinterest with the instructions, “Lay a mirror down, take a hammer to it, pour polyurethane over. Amazing bathroom floor!” Most dangerous instructions to follow since Jim Jones said, “Here, drink this.”

brokenglass No, your Mountain Dew will not glow in the dark.


Sorry, you still need helium to blow up your party balloons.

This is not helium

This “offensive” church sign is not even real.


My Pinterest Drinking Game went viral, which was surprising and awesome despite the emailers accusing me of contributing to alcohol abuse in minors. The “game” was even removed from where it had been shared on the front page of a very popular website (that shall remain nameless) for similar email complaints that website received after posting it. 2012 will be known as the year I, a person who rarely consumes alcohol, was accused of enticing others to get alcohol poisoning by creating a post that is so obviously satire. But that’s the Interwebs for ya.


The How To Be A Fashion Blogger series was a lot of fun to compile. Big thanks to all the fashion bloggers I featured, and to those who played along on their own blogs, for their sense of humor and graciousness!  I love fashion blogs and it was an honor to share what y’all were up to this year. This is the fabulous Alison of Wardrobe Oxygen in her Halloween costume – she was a fashion blogger, of course!


On a more personal note, some co-workers and I created a parody of a Wall Street Journal fashion feature that we were thrilled to see being shared across the web…even Tim Gunn got in on it!

It was a shock, an honor, and the perfect way to ring out the year (especially after breaking up with Google AdSense), when I found out I had been named one of the top ten influential people on Pinterest. I’m guessing this will be the only time in my life that I am included on a list that also includes President Obama. It’s a tad odd to have this honor for being snarky, but words cannot express my gratitude to Lauren Orsini and The Daily Dot, and to every single person who posted crazy shit to Pinterest, reads this site, contributed a WTF, shared what they found here, commented, emailed, and/or interacted with me on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter!  I didn’t think I would continue with this site for a full year, and with the plethora of sites now posting similar Pinterest snark, I’m not sure how long I will keep it going, but it’s been a blast and a privilege to share with you the things that make me laugh, and I love you for following along. Thank you for YOU!


Happy new year, y’all! Wishing you the best year of your life!




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