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What to do with your chewed gum? Pinterest has the answer.

For the Pantone fan:

pantonegumcurated from and created by Simon wald-Lasowski

For the lover of typography:

Monsieur Voyage gum typographycurated from and created by Monsieur Voyage

Art made with ABC (Already-Been-Chewed) gum:

Ben Wilson's Gum Artcurated from The Telegraph, created by Ben Wilson, more images here

More ABC gum art:

Gum Art Nick van Woertcurated from Nick van Woert

And art made with unchewed gum:

gumsculpturecurated from Environmental Graffiti, artist is Maurizio Savini

How to look like you have gum stuck in your hair:

fakegumhaircurated from Inedible Jewelry
Bubble Gum Hair Pin
curated from Inedible Jewelry

And how to get gum unstuck from your hair:

gumhaircurated from Vivien…Interrupted

Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market Gum Wall:

Seattle's Gum WallImage taken and pinned by Kathleen Rath; more info here; lots more images here

If you can’t get there in person, try these magnets:

Chewed Gum Magnetcurated from mzube

Liquid-filled camel ball gum pisses off mom:

Camel Ballsuploaded by Ella, back story here

If you want to look like you stepped in gum:

showgumcurated from Stylist, you can purchase these shoes for $2,240 here

If you want to remove gum stuck to your shoe:

How to remove gum stuck to your shoecurated from LifeHacker

What to do with all those empty gum wrappers:

Ollin Gum Wrapper Bag

curated from Ollin, where you can purchase this gum wrapper bag for $159

And if you prefer your gum covered in gold:

Gerd Rogthmann Gold Gumcurated from Kristy Hsu, created by Gerd Rothmann

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